The 3rd Annual Dynamic Systems and Control Conference, September 13-15, 2010, Boston, MA, USA


DSCC 2010 Paper Abstract


Paper TuAT4.5

Lee, DongBin (Villanova University), Nataraj, C. (Villanova University), NASERADINMOUSAVI, PEIMAN (VILLANOVA UNIVERSITY, CENDAC)

Nonlinear Model-Based Adaptive Control of a Solenoid-Valve System

Scheduled for presentation during the Contributed session "Nonlinear Systems" (TuAT4), Tuesday, September 14, 2010, 10:50−11:10, Salon 6

3rd Annual Dynamic Systems and Control Conference, September 13-15, 2010, Marriott Boston Cambridge, Cambridge, Massachusetts

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Keywords Control applications, Adaptive systems, Nonlinear systems


In this paper, a model-based control algorithm is developed for a solenoid-valve system. A three-dimensional torque model is addressed by reviewing from two-dimensional and three-dimensional models. The solenoid-butterfly valve system has uncertainties in multiple parameters in the model, which make the system difficult to adjust to the environment and is further complicated by combining the solenoid and butterfly dynamic models to set-point control where the control objective is to set the angle position of the butterfly valve through the electric-driven actuator in spite of complications presented by the uncertainties. The novelty of this research is that the current source of the solenoid valve from the model of the electromagnetic force is substituted for the control input and the controller is designed via Lyapunov-based approach for stability of the system while obtaining the control objective; a closed-loop controller is aimed to reach the set-point of the butterfly disk based on the error signals while overcoming the uncertainties represented by lumped parameters groups. The estimated parameters groups are updated by adaptation laws using a projection algorithm. Numerical simulation is shown to demonstrate the valid performance of the proposed approach.



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