DSCC 2013 Paper Abstract


Paper MoCT7.6

Mastalli, Carlos Eduardo (Simon Bolivar University), Ralev, Dimitar (Simon Bolivar University), Certad, Novel (Simon Bolivar University), Fernandez, Gerardo (Simon Bolivar University)

Asymptotic Stability Method for PID Controller Tuning in a Backhoe Machine

Scheduled for presentation during the Contributed session "Nonlinear Estimation and Control" (MoCT7), Monday, October 21, 2013, 17:40−18:00, Room 138

6th Annual Dynamic Systems and Control Conference, October 21-23, 2013, Stanford University, Munger Center, Palo Alto, CA

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Keywords Stability of nonlinear systems, PID control, Robotics


This paper presents the modeling and study of dynamic behavior of a backhoe machine for tuning of PID controller. The tuning procedure of PID controller is performed, in detailed, for the case of a typical operation, digging a foundation and truck loading. This tuning procedure guarantee the local asymptotic stability in the sense of Lyapunov of origin of the closed loop equation of PID controller. Besides the tuning procedure requires the knowledge of certain properties of dynamic model, which are dependent on the desired trajectory. Finally it is demonstrated that this tuning procedure proves to be effective, and also robust in the execution of other tasks performed by the backhoe machine.


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